Shop Update: Limited and Off Stock Designs

I've got a batch of limited and one of a kind necklaces newly listed in the shop. Over time I pick up a single antique piece or small batch of curiosities at an estate sale or online and tend to just hold onto them until I've got a small collection calling my name saying, hey remember me?

This batch includes an antique Orion harmonica, antique vodka decanter tag, vintage advertising box cutters, a brass key shaped bottle opener, two antique whistles, and a mini moving musket. Click images of the necklaces above for details and additional views.
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  1. That little pistol is fantastic :)

  2. I was immediately drawn to the harmonica as Orion is my son's middle name. Really cool pieces, Mary!

  3. Love the key shaped bottle opener, both attractive and functional. How cool Mary!

  4. Thanks for all the kind words - it always feels good to do a shop update with new and more limited designs. I'm sure each of you share the sentiment with your shops :)


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