Little Surprises

We were so tickled to find this little fella peeping away in the brush under our bushes close to the house last weekend. After our big plans to tackle cleaning off the screened in porch, we were sitting out there for the first time this season sipping a couple Bloody Marys when all of a sudden I noticed what sounded like a little baby bird in distress. Actually, I think Basil may have noticed it first and I took note after trying to figure out what he was so curious about.

I went out searching for it only to discover the baby bird alone and calling out for it's mother. I was worried it may be hurt as it seemed to be hobbling about and trying to fly. I presume it may have been the first time it tried to fly out of the nest. Tim gently picked up the baby bird and it nestled in his hand right away. After a little encouragement, the bird tried to flutter it's wings unsuccessfully - then tried once more and caught some great wind flying like a little pro. He shortly landed back on the ground and we left him be to carry on - now feeling assured he wasn't in any major distress.

We discovered this baby bird almost a year to the week of finding this displaced bird's nest with robin eggs in our yard if you remember. While I can't attest to the outcome of those eggs, it was so heartwarming to know this year may have produced better results.

We've seen the baby bird throughout the week in our trees and around the yard and couldn't be happier that everything turned out to be fine - also knowing handling the bird didn't seem to harm him or ostracize him in any way from other birds eased my mind (I still can't get over that wive's tale).

For the long weekend ahead, we plan to take on a full porch makeover: ripping out old screen, scraping and painting the trim, hanging new screen, and fitting new vinyl slats in place. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and who knows what we might find this weekend! I hope the long weekend brings each of you some much needed R&R as well as some new surprises.
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  1. That little birdie is beautiful and sooo cute!


  2. That is about the most darling thing I've ever seen. Of course I am biased as I am a "Robin" too ;-)

  3. Sooo cute and tiny! I haven't seen a baby bird in ages myself.

  4. You guys are too sweet - I'm so glad it stuck around long enough to me to snag the camera so we could remember out little visitor!

  5. What an adorable little bird! Glad the baby is doing well now :)

    Good luck with all the work ahead...hope to see photos!

  6. What a sweet birdie...good action shots!


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