Dog Days of Summer

I wanted to share some photos from our walk down by river near our home. As I've previously mentioned, the heat has been unforgiving over the past few weeks and has made it hard to let Basil go outside to play for any extended period of time during the day.

Once on the riverbank, he didn't waste any time jumping right in. While weims are known hunters and swimmers, it was fascinating getting the chance to watch him jump in and just pick it up like a little swimming pro.

The water not only cooled him off but gave him some of the much needed heavy exercise he's missed out on in the heat. Every time he swam out and returned, he shook off and excitedly turned right back around for another round.

I hope you are enjoying your summer days wherever they might take you. Would love to hear any tried and true tips you have for keeping dogs happy in the heat!
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  1. What a cutie!! That third to last photo is great!

  2. How great to live so near a river! It seems to be like a little piece of heaven for Basil.

    I don't know if you're up for adding another dog to your life, but I have found that, now having two pups, they wear each other out playing around inside. Makes it easy for me!

  3. Peaceful, fun and very inspiring, this is why we love summer! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this so much. What a great place to cool off. We have two dogs and we enjoy watching them play. Thanks for sharing.


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