Limited Edition: Vintage Scope Cigarette Holder Necklace

I've added a new section to my shop exclusively for limited edition and one of a kind jewelry designs. The pieces listed in this section incorporate many of the antique finds I come across but am unable to source multiples of or buy out a dead-stock collection. While I always wish I could source duplicates of these limited finds, I know its the fact they are in such short supply that gives them a noteworthy edge.

The latest necklace design I've launched into the mix is comprised of a vintage brass Scope telescoping cigarette holder that fits neatly inside a concealed vial. The holder itself has a black bakelite mouthpiece, which incidentally sports a few marks (presumably teeth) from its former life of mystique and allure.

Find additional photos and details for this new design listed in the shop and keep an eye on the new section for limited and one of a kind treasures making their way onto center stage.

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  1. You come across the most unusual and cool finds! I am totally enjoying "re-pinning" your pins, too!

  2. I have this exact holder i have everything but the chain. I live im ky im pretty sure it.was my grandmas when she lived im cali. I use it every day to smoke joints. May be a bit girly to some but i think it makes it better so i can play video games an smoke at the sametime without burnimg my fingers


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