Etsy Finds: Vintage Love

I came across these two stunning finds while in the midst of my daily Etsy "finding." I'm looking at Etsy content throughout the majority of the day for my work in merchandising, so when something stops me in my tracks, I know I've just got to share.

1. How clever is this repurposed vintage locker console? I've been dreaming about using vintage lockers as creative & decorative storage options but would have never thought to turn one on it's side. It's the little things like these that seed mainstream trends - yes you can call me on that one when these start popping up everywhere!

2. I've already got a thing for vintage dress forms. Lately, I've been on the hunt for an antique version with a solid bust just like the one above. It retains all of the vintage character but still leaves a clean palette for jewelry & styling photos. Too bad this one's reserved but I'm happy to keep the hunt alive.
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  1. Your jewelry would look amazing photographed on a vintage dress forms. The color tones would create the perfect mood!

  2. Those lockers are so cool! What a fun idea. I could use something like that in the studio... always need storage space!


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