Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck

Have you all seen these moving images, coined "cinemagraphs," by New York City photographer Jamie Beck? They are pretty awe inspiring to look at and take the concept of an animated gif up quite a few notches in my book.

How amazing would something like these be for wedding memories, birth stories, and other landmark life moments? I'd just love to be able to get one or a few made in this style as a promotional photo for my jewelry line.

Could this be the next wave in photography? They seem to be in a category all their own. Find more cinematography and inspiration over on Jamies Beck's Tumbr.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I really like it! And yes, this could become a new wave of photography!

  2. gorgeous and intriguing - love them!

  3. Agreed that these cinemagraphs are really inspiring! I especially love the second one with the swaying lights. It's hard to stop looking!

  4. These are really wonderful, just makes you stare and stare... would be fantastic for shop window displays - but the power! :/

  5. Can't resist making the comment that these remind me of the pictures in Harry Potter (sorry for that reference)!

  6. Checked out some of Jamie's other photos and found myself staring deeper into even the still ones to see if anything moved - these are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow these are just way too cool! Thanks for sharing, I am off to check out the site ~
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend,

  8. I would probably photograph my garden design works. Nice work

  9. I have seen these around, slightly eerie but beautiful nonetheless!

  10. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!!

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