Happy 100th, Granny!

This past Monday was my grandmother's 100 birthday - as you can see, she's still got some good wind left in her! We celebrated family style last Saturday and I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite memories from the day.

The cake was a wedding size and made by Ukrop's Bakery - for those that know me well, this is my very favorite bakery for birthday cakes and a Richmond legend. My niece, Virginia, had her sights set on the cake since the moment she walked through the door. Her glazed over trance had me laughing and realizing how much of a girl after my own heart she is.

We brought Basil along to join in the celebration. All the children surrounded him and kept him busy the whole day. I joked how all we need to do is hire the little ones in our family to come over an hour a day running around the yard with him as an instant solution for tiring both Basil and the kids out.

At one point, all the men stood up and serenaded Granny with Let me Call You Sweetheart. It was quite the show. You can tell which ones are her sons as they each have their hands waved out in bravado. We have many characters in our family to keep things interesting.

Happy 100th birthday, Granny. I always knew you would make it. I'm proud to carry your name and am looking forward to all the future times we spend together and the lessons you have yet to teach me.
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  1. What a wonderful celebration! Happy 100th to your lovely granny!

  2. Thanks so much Monica - I bet she would have enjoyed meeting you. Haha, our family is so big and always welcoming in new friends.

  3. She is so beautiful ! Happy Birthday to your Grandma ! Mine just turned 95, they really rock !

  4. Wow, your Granny looks amazing! Happy birthday to her. My Grannie is about to turn 95 - aren't they just so inspiring. :)

  5. give your beautiful grandmother a big "happy birthday" hug from italy! love nicoletta

  6. I wish I could have been there...looks like it was full of laughter, fun, love and great food!

    Maybe I'll be able to fly out and stay with my brother soon so I can finally meet you in person :)

  7. Mary,
    What a sweet post, and how special ~ my grandmother turns 90 this fall, and wow it really is an amazing accomplishment to live that long! She loves to sing "Let me call you Sweetheart", and has sung it to my boys since they were babies. It looks like a WONDERFUL celebration of a beautiful woman, Congratulations!

  8. Congrats to your Granny for making it to 100! That's something to be proud of.
    And that cake looks delicious.


  9. What a wonderful tribute. I just lost my dad in April. He was 96 years young.

  10. Great post! Your granny looks wonderful! :)


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